How do you successfully redesign an existing logo 

 June 20, 2022

Rebranding involves a change in the method of conducting businesses. Logo rebranding impacts the internal elements of the business the your target audience, the orientation of work, positioning and idea. For rebranding to be successful the following steps are to include altering the strategy, business concepts and reshaping, which leads to a change in actions and target market and external aspects. The goal of revamping process is to improve the brand’s reputation and grow the number of customers.

Why is it necessary to rebrand?

It is believed that rebranding is merely changing the company’s logo, however this isn’t true. Rebranding is a sequence of tasks, including revising the target public, revision of narrative, values of the company mission, brand positioning and a fresh image of the company. Rebranding is often a catalyst for the creation of a comprehensive strategy to achieve a purpose, which is to increase the profit margins of the company.

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If you want to change the logo, you can do so your own the Turbologo.

Rebranding Benefits:

  1. Growing competition

Rebranding is the final outcome of a service that has a distinct brand that is hard to duplicate.

  1. Change in the company’s strategy

As your company grows and expands, you will reach a point that you need to change your approach. The old strategy is no longer effective and isn’t bringing the desired outcome in the development of your business.

  1. Achieving a new audience

The new ideas will entice attention from previously untapped audiences, and will help develop brand awareness.

  1. The goal is to increase the amount of loyalty of customers
  2. The potential for raising the cost of an average check and, consequently, the profit
  3. New ad launch
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The company’s revival allows it to launch entirely new advertisements and also boosts the attraction and interest of potential customers.

How to Rebrand Your Brand in 2022: Some Tips

You have determined that your company needs modifications to continue development and growth. What can you do to bring your vision to fruition?

First, you must establish an understanding of the changes you’d like to observe.

Next step would be to identify the audience you want to target. To ensure that rebranding will yield the desired results it is essential not just focus on your target audience but also be able to connect with it. To determine your people who will be your audience, it’s important to think about demographics and what you wish to draw. It is essential to decide:

  • Gender and age
  • Location location
  • Income and education
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Previous connections were made with this brand in the targeted public
  • Communication with competitors
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By answering these questions you can learn about your customers better and design new brands that attract attention.

A crucial step is thorough research of the products and services of your competition.

Choose what you want to keep and which to take away. Prior to changing your brand name it is important to determine which elements are in place and are bringing results even if they are used for a long time. For instance the name of the brand should not be changedsince it already has a deserved image and that can help in gaining the recognition. If you’re planning to launch something completely new or you have changes in leadership or the merger of two companies to continue work and changing the name is a great idea, but remember that the reputation of the brand will have to be earned once more.

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The points that must be analyzed and determined whether to change them or not, prior to redesigning your brand:

  1. Logo
  2. Brand color
  3. Printing house
  4. Product packaging
  5. Website
  6. Style of photography
  7. Business cards for business
  8. Brand Tone
  9. Advertising
  10. Communication with employees and training
  11. Brand culture
  12. Social media posts
  13. Promotion, etc.

When you have analyzed every aspect of the brand, it’s more clear the changes you’d like to be able to see.

Work together with the team. The strategy for rebranding the business should be discussed with investors and colleagues first. Be open to different opinions and work to a consensus.

Find out who your target audience is worthy of attracting. As you work on rebranding your business and before it’s done it’s good to showcase a glimpse of the new look your brand will take in the end. This kind of action by businesses creates curiosity and anticipation which makes the launch more effective. Positive reactions can also be generated by the brief comments of people who are interested in the reason you made changes to the brand’s image in one way or the other.

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Review reviews are the single most crucial aspect of a brand’s redesign. You must focus on the needs of your clients and find out if they are pleased with the results of the work you’ve done.

Once the marketing audit has been complete and all strengths and weak points that the company has discovered and repositioned, the brand is repositioned. The changes are made to the aspects of the brand’s the concept and idea. If a rebranding program and strategy is developed the next step would be to redesign (changing the design). The strategy of communication is executed in order to communicate to consumers and employees the fundamental meaning behind the rebranding process and its specifics. The final step is the actualization of the outcomes of the changes.

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Examples of companies that have rebranded in 2022


The company CloundPayments that provides payments online, has changed its brand this year. This change was made possible by being aware that despite the backdrop of the recognition that was being made of CloundPayments as a CloundPayments mono-brand, different business lines were developing slowly. Therefore, the decision was taken to integrate all the services under the identical label name Cloud. Cloud has made its mark in the market and has earned it an excellent image. In the process of rebranding it was decided to use a single slogan used to be used across the entire line, thanks to which they were unique and easily identifiable.

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The idea of brand renewal is founded on the concept of collaboration, progress and seeking out growth. In order to create a brand modern logo the business reached out to Luch design studio for assistance. When the logo was changed, an important aspect was to keep in place the UI design and the font within the same style and everything else was redesigned. When the brand was rebranded it was presented a video that outlines the ideas and the main duties of the company. This was a significant move to keep their customers in the loop and draw in new customers.

In this instance thanks to the new version, the company had the benefit of expanding its brand throughout the world and also attracting new customers, which dramatically improved revenues.

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The rebranding process of Barilla pasta business. The change in branding was made to get ready in preparation for celebrations of the 145th anniversary the company’s founding and also to announce the extension of its product line.

The logo was designed by design experts from the Italian Design agency Robilant. One of the most important requirements was to remove the plastic window that is on the packaging, which greatly cuts down on the manufacturing of plastic and, consequently, costs. The proprietors of the company wanted their logo to be only in red that, as was designed, represents love. One of the employees said the following: “Cooking pasta is not just a culinary act, but a sign of love, expressing something that we cannot express in words.”

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So, with the aid of changing the branding strategy, the strategy was reviewed, adjustments were made, and customers were informed of the new offerings. the product range.


Pharmaceutical company Sanofi changed its brand name in 2022 completely changing its logo. This was due to the CEO’s revision of the method of production of medical devices and the way to celebrate in the year 50 of the company’s foundation. This led to the realization that in the near future, the production will be focused on the development of scientific products that do not have analogues around the globe. The logo was developed entirely fresh, and without the elements of the past, since the idea behind the company has been completely changed. The CEO explains the new strategy in the following manner: “Play to win.”

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In this instance the rebranding was implemented in order to alter the business’s approach, and bringing forth new and better existing medicines and introducing them into the market, which is focusing on attracting large numbers of consumers , and generating more the profits.


Global markets for services and goods is an extremely dynamic market. Each year, there are ever-growing companies competing, and marketing technology is evolving. Companies are also not at a standstill, they are constantly developing and expand the variety of products they offer as well as the range of services offered which results in a difference between the communication strategies, the strategies for positioning themselves, etc. To ensure that the brand is more relevant and popular and to boost revenue, rebranding is done. It is a major overhaul that’s purpose is to enhance and keep the importance of the business.

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