File formats for logos the best one: which one to pick 

 June 27, 2022

You’d like to put your brand new logo on business cards, social networks, and stationary. How do you decide the appropriate image size to use on these platforms? This article will help identify when to choose which logo size.

What is a logo?

The logo (from the other Greek logos”word + tupos” – imprint) is a symbol an emblem or symbol that is employed by commercial entities, territorial entities businesses, organisations and individuals to enhance recognition and acceptance in the society. The logo represents the name of the company it is identifying by way of stylized letters, ideograms or. Logos can be registered as trademarked after it is registered with the organization in question and then obtaining a patent for it.

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It is also the main element of a company’s image. It’s primary function is first and foremost to distinguish the company’s image in the marketplace. Logos are created to differentiate the offerings of different firms within the same field. A trademark that is registered shields a company from unfair competition, and allows the rights of its customers to be secured when litigating. To consumers, the existence of a trademark or logo of a firm with a solid reputation is a sign of quality products. Items that don’t have an established logo are referred to as without a name.

Logo file formats

Different designs of brand names can be designed using different kinds of graphics and different sizes available for purchase. Let’s examine the most popular logo styles and the rules that govern the parameters of their design.

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Vector logos

Vector in Latin means “bearing”. The heart of a vector image is the mathematical description of basic geometrical objects (points or straight and curved lines as well as circles, polygons and circles).

What are vector graphics?

Vector graphics are the process of creating images using primitives, which are geometric forms, straight or curving lines, points, etc. This means that the size of the images can be adjusted time to time, but keeping the clarity of the images. This is why it is most used in printing.

What are the different vector graphics formats?

AI (Adobe Illustrator). In this format the file is saved in its initial form and then edited to include additional elements (icon or text). It can be opened the file in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw.

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The EPS format is (Encapsulated PostScript). This format permits the logo to be reduced or enlarged without sacrificing quality and therefore is appropriate for printing on media. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape applications can be used to open.

PDF (Portable Document Format). A simple format where layouts of web pages, fonts as well as vector and raster images can be displayed without alteration. Compatible using Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape.

CDR (Corel Draw). This format isn’t compatible with all other programs, with the exception specifically for Corel Draw. The files created by the latest versions of the editor can’t be opened with older versions.

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SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). The format was developed using the XML markup language that lets you edit files using graphic as well as certain text editors. Because of its scaling capability while still maintaining excellent quality it is extensively used to create web images and editing files.

Bitmap logos

The term “raster” for this type of logo can be translated from Latin to mean “lattice”. A Raster image is made up of tiny colored squares that are the same size (pixels) placed in the form of a grid or lattice. The greater the number of color pixels that are utilized in the image the more vibrant and bright it appears.

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What are the term “raster graphics?

The images in raster graphics consist of individual pixels, which means that when you look at them closely they appear to be an image of a mosaic. When images are of good quality the elements appear invisible when compared to poor quality images.

What are the different raster graphics formats?

“PNG” (Portable Network Graphics). This format lets you compress files with no distortion. Compatible using Photoshop and any image editor. Ideal for web graphics as well as printing.

JPG/.JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). Because in this format, the logo’s content is compressed (but in the same way with high-quality) the files load quicker. Editing is possible using Photoshop. make use of Photoshop to edit the logo, or for the purpose of viewing, you can use any other software. This format is designed to be used for web and print graphics.

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The TIFF (Tagged Image File Format). Files that are in this format have higher standard than .JPG/.JPEG and weigh more. The best program to edit Photoshop. Photoshop and for viewing or viewing any other. The format used for printing.

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). This format supports transparency and animation is used for web graphics, but is not appropriate for printing or transformation.

How do you select a format?

It is recommended to create an image in three types:

  • .AI is used for editing (changing color, background, scaling).
  • .PDF or .EPS to print.
  • .PNG is a format to print and work online on Internet (including versions with an untransparent background).
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It’s the “minimal set” that will permit you to use this logo for the future. However when purchasing an image the freelance designer faces the chance of receiving the logo just within .PNG as well as .JPG formats, and this could make it difficult to use the logo. In along with the .PNG design format, the designers from printing or web studios can transfer the logo to the client with .AI, .PDF or .EPS formats.

The logo may save in any form that is suitable to the user, while taking into consideration the potential for further usage. If you are planning to print your company’s name on workwear and souvenirs then you must choose using the format of vectors.

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