Create a logo for an app 

 October 12, 2022

The development of mobile apps is becoming increasingly commonplace with each increasing day. According to forecasts from the world’s top analysts, the revenues from this sector will exceed 200 billion dollars at the time of 2023.

The mobile icon for an app is often the very first image users will see prior to deciding to install an application on their phone. It is the icon for the application that will help differentiate your application from those of a variety of rivals.


Create an online logo on Turbologo.

What is a logo?


The first thing a person is required to know prior to downloading an app is the logo. It is because of it that people are able to identify different types of associations and needs. From the beginning, the logo must trigger positive emotions and grab the eye of the user who is interested.

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5 Tips for App Logos


The first thing to consider is that the logo must be distinctive and not infringe on copyright rights of a third party. Regarding it’s color design, the scheme must coincide with the overall look of the interface for the application in the greatest extent feasible. It is crucial that this component is compatible with the design guidelines. The design should be with the help of top creators for Apple as well as Android products.




It is important to keep at heart that the brand logo for the mobile app will be displayed on the homepage in the app store as well by way of a tiny icon that appears on the display of the device. In both cases the logo will appear in totally different in size. When creating the logo you must try to make it as easy to read as you can and that the viewer does not need glasses or wear squints.

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General recognizability


The logo must be easily identifiable. The visual elements must be easily understood, regardless of which country or the continent from which one wants to download it to. In this instance the best illustration is the world-renowned website “YouTube”.


Uniqueness is the most important thing.

It’s important to understand the fact that you logo is going to continuously battle with other icons for the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. What can you do to make it stand out:

The first step is to research your rivals logos. You should analyze the data you have gathered and then reverse it and twist it;

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Make sure to incorporate your own personal meaning to it, by using diverse color combination, striking choices with regard to ornamentation, and various symbols.

A few letters

The most well-known mobile applications utilize a single letter that are generally recognized by all. It is therefore not recommended to include the entire name of the app. The initial and last letters are sufficient.

The logo’s inverse corresponds to its functionality

Each interaction between the logo and the icon must be identical. A high-quality logo conveys the entire idea of the application and it creates a consistent image, and is functional. Logo:

The application demonstrates the essence the application

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Instantly visible even in the brightest and darkest themes.

Fully exactly matches perfectly with the color palette and style of the application.

Making your own logo isn’t hard, and you can do it yourself using”Turbologo,” an online graphic designer “Turbologo”. Have fun!



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