Check out the Winner of PopSlider’s Teen Choice Awards 2020. 

 October 31, 2019

Teen Choice Awards 2020 Winner Jimin

On June 12 2020, we started the “Teen Choice Awards 2020” poll. Soon, the poll started trending around social media. Fans started voting for their favorite musicians.

The nominees were:

  • Jimin
  • Harry Styles
  • Gerard Way
  • Tyler Joseph

Check out the poll results below:

Jimin (6.87k Votes)Jimin

So, the “Teen Choice Awards 2020” goes to none other than BTS’s Jimin. He got 82% vote compared to other nominees.

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Jimin grabbed the “Teen Choice Awards 2020” by giving a tough competition to even the most popular western musician.

Congratulations Jimin & BTS army.

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Former, One Direction member Harry Styles received 621 votes. Similarly, Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph received 617 votes and My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way received 270 votes.

Congratulations Once Again to BTS Army & Jimin. Don’t forget to share this good news with the Army.



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