Check Out The Winner Of “Most Desirable 2020”. Officially Revealed. 

 November 1, 2019

Finally, The Most Desirable 2020 Poll’s result is out and We are excited to announce the winner. PopSlider’s Most Desirable 2020 poll started in Jun12, 2020 where we asked fans to vote for their favorite artist.

Le’ts check out the result:

Don’t forget to vote JungKook for Best Pop Musician 2020.

Jimin:- 10.4k Votes


Jimin received a total of 10.4k votes (62% more than other nominees). So, the winner of PopSlider’s Most Desirable 2020 is Park Ji-min.

Congrats to BTS Army and Jimin for this accomplishment.

Let’s check out rest of the nominees’ votes:

Gerard Way:- 6.01k Votes

Brendon Urie 134 Votes

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Harry Styles 133 votes

Oliver Sykes 74 votes

Shawn Mendes 22 votes

Tyler Joseph 26 votes

Patrick Stump 15 votes





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